miércoles, marzo 31, 2010


One of Heather's best gifts ever was my seam ripper. Is one of those things I would have never bought myself and one of those things I was almost afraid to use. But sewing with her on a Sunday, I learned three things.
One, even if it feels painful, it is always better to undo a seam that has gone wrong, because the result at the end is much, much better.
Two, sometimes, you don't have to pin fabrics to sew them together.
Three, never try to finish a job when you are tired at the end of the evening.
Today, as I use the seam ripper for the third time, I think all of those wounds that I didn't open because of the pain. Today I know, it is better to get the air and sun to heal them and then, sew them nicely. And also,I don't need to have a pinned plan.
So, in honor of the spring and all the lessons learned, I'm taking my sewing outside, and I'm going to seam open all that I sow yesterday, under the sun.