viernes, julio 10, 2009

Post office and doubts

So today was the final day to sent the parcel of the Friends Swap. I felt so nervous!!! It was my first swap, and I felt like it was a culminating point of some kind. I enjoyed all the process, meeting my partner, exchanging emails and thinking about the letters and the possible gifts. I made some things "for the first time in my life" for her. I always find that with friends, there are always a lot of things that you do for the first time, and I wanted to infuse the swap with that ideology. I have been really gifted with an amazing partner, and today, for the first time, I felt some doubts: what if what I had thought, made and sent wasn't worthy of her? She can make magic with fabric, and I'm just starting! I didn't want her to feel let down on any way. I hope my parcel makes her smile and feel loved when she receives it. I put all my heart, even if my techniques are not as good as hers. I can't talk too much, because she hasn't received it yet, and even if I wanted, I can't post with photos (partial ones, just to show a color, like a clue) because I have to untangle the mess of photos in my computer first. I am really excited, and it felt really good to go to the post office with my package, thinking about her face when she will open it. Will she like it? Hope so!

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